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Exactly a year ago I finished college. A lifelong goal, finally accomplished. I still cannot believe it sometimes. I graduated college having read maybe 100 pages out of my entire four-year coursework, haha. Thank you to my family and my peeps who helped and encouraged me along the way; I truly appreciate the love and support. A special thanks to the Cheyizzle @cheytown47 for being my roommate for all four years, it would have been even more difficult to achieve my goal without our late night talks and dance parties. Next step: grad school…eventually 😜. #EducatedLatina #5for5 #UCSB #BestUC #Gauchos #Classof2013 #Alumna

Selfie Shoot: Camping edition. There’s nothing else to do out there. I had to entertain myself somehow. (Second from left top row is Diego’s new caller ID for me….he doesn’t know it yet… Well maybe now he does) (at Santa Margarita Lake)

Your first love; you know who I’m talking about. The only boy you’ve ever really fallen for, and you know that it’s true love. It’s none of the silly, immature love that people claim they do after a couple of weeks; you’ve got honesty and loyalty; you fight and yet you still love because you both know what you want. You both know that you were meant for each other so you wouldn’t want to mess things up. No matter how many times you fight, you know deep down that you could never truly be mad at them. To think that they were out of your life before is just simply amazing how you ever lived before at all. Not a day goes by without you constantly thinking about them and it scares the hell out of you to think “if I’m so in love with this one person, this person that I love with everything I have, how do other people move on and love another?” You’re so emotionally attached to this boy that you’re so scared to love someone else. This boy taught you the real meaning of love and you never thought you had love in you until he came along and showed you. you never knew the meaning of jealousy was until every time he mentioned a girl, it made you want to make sure that you were the best thing he has. Everything you’ve dreamt up of a perfect boy was nothing compared to what this boy has because it made you see that not everything you want is everything you need. You’ll never forget the boy that changed your whole life because he’s your best friend, and the love of your life.
Daily Tumblr Love Quotes (via thelovewhisperer)

Somebody went into my heart and wrote this better than I could have because when it comes to him, I can’t formulate thoughts to do him justice. He’s my best friend and he knows it.

It’s been almost a year since I officially graduated and I think about what all we have accomplished in our lives. There are families, and then there’s mine. A heart of gold in each and every one of us. “It’s your fault mother, you raised five kids with good hearts. If you wanted to be rollin’ in the dough, you should have raised us with cold hearts.” #Varela #5of5UCgrads #educatedlatinos #fromthe909

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